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Red Shift

2011 Syrah

$24/bottle.  Spicy and red fruited nose with nuances of cinnamon, a fresh herbal stemmy underlay, and some deep green olive aromatics. The palate shows a little meatiness, and some dark berry fruit with a long mineral laced finish. But enough about that. When grapes collide with science, is Syrah the sound they make? Case in point: Before he lent his name to a space telescope, Edwin Hubble was an American astronomer whose observation of the red shift phenomenon led to the astounding and somewhat comforting idea that the galaxy is expanding. Therefore, so are our options. And Red Shift Syrah is one of them. As far as collisions go, DNA profiling has rooted out the ancient origins of Syrah. It turns out to be the long ago progeny of two obscure southeastern French grapes: Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. As we now know, when they came together, their universe expanded. And the resulting phenomenon is our Martian Ranch Red Shift. Your own universe will begin to expand at the popping of the cork and will continue to the finish and beyond.

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About this Martian Wine

Technical Info

95.4% Syrah Clone 6, 99, Alban / 101-14. 4.6% Viognier Clone 642 / 1103 P 100% destemmed. Fermented in a combination of 35 HL French oak vat and stainless tank. Aged in oak vat (63%) and neutral barrels (37%) for ten months. Indigenous yeast and malolactic fermentation. No SO2 additions made prior to primary fermentation or during aging. 25 ppm SO2 added prior to bottling. Bottled unfined and unfiltered on August 22, 2012.  A total of 625 cases produced.