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Past Vintages

All sold out, but part of our legacy. Here are wines that made the current vintages what they are…

Past Vintage Boxes

2012 Ground Control Grenache Noir

Intensely aromatic with stemmy herb notes, meaty and earthy with medicinal herb accents that recall Angostura bitters over cherries jubilee! Ground Control has a lovely tension in the mouth and finishes with excellent length and a great bitter orange peel note on the finale.

2011 Parallax Mourvèdre

When walking in the vineyard one day, it occurred to us that when you move your head side to side, objects in the distance seem to move at a different speed than the objects close up (the Mourvèdre grapes in this case). Turns out we were not the first observers of this. Websters defines Parallax as the apparent shift in position of an object as seen from two different points not on a straight line with the object. Parallax is how distances are measured in space. Those pesky astronomers use the principle to measure distances to the Moon, the Sun and the stars beyond our solar system. In other words, Parallax is a giant outer space measuring stick. Luckily Mourvèdre berries are thick skinned. They therefore can withstand the scrutiny of being judged and appraised. And we are confident that our Parallax will one day be the Mourvèdre that all others are measured by.

2011 Red Shift Syrah

When grapes collide with science, is Syrah the sound they make? Case in point: Before he was the eponymous space telescope, Edwin Hubble was an American astronomer. His observation of the red shift phenomenon led to the astounding and somewhat comforting idea that the galaxy is expanding. Therefore, so are our options. And this Syrah is one of them. As far as collisions go, DNA profiling has rooted out the ancient origins of Syrah. It turns out to be the long ago love child of two obscure southeastern French grapes: Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. As we now know, when they came together, their universe expanded. And the resulting phenomenon is our Martian Ranch Red Shift. Your own universe will begin to expand at the popping of the cork and will continue to the finish and beyond.

2011 Ground Control Grenache Noir

100% Semi-carbonic fermentation. Whole clusters were sorted into 34 HL truncated oak tank. The tank was flooded with CO2 and closed. The process was repeated until primary fermentation began. No additions made (yeast, acid or SO2). Pumped over once daily (5 minutes). Fermentation lasted 18 days then wine was pressed into stainless tank. Racked without settling to neutral oak barrels. Aged six months in 100% neutral oak barrels (nine years or older). Racked to tank. No fining or filtration. Addition of 25 ppm SO2 made one week prior to bottling. Bottled February 28, 2012. A total of 124 cases produced.

2011 Down To Earth Grenache Rosé

The intent of our 2011 Down to Earth Rosé is to be a wine that you don't have to think about, but if you do, it'll be inspiring. A delicate pink color, it's lithe and subtle, the sort of wine that eases you into and through a summer afternoon. Compared to our last rosé, the 2011 is not really a fullbodied, wannabe –red hamburger sort of rosé, but more a rosé for resurrecting fond memories of long ago vacations that you forgot to take, vacations spent lolling around the beaches and seaside cafés in the South of France. Even if you've never ever been to the South of France this wine is so delicious that you'll feel as if you HAD been there and had a grand time.

2011 Mothership Grenache Blanc

Whole cluster pressed. Settled for one week in stainless steel tank at 45 degrees no SO2 added, no other additions were made to juice. Racked to 22 HL foudre and stainless steel barrels. Primary fermentation with indigenous yeast lasted approximately eight weeks. 100% malolactic fermentation was completed. Aged for six months in foudre. Cold stabilized, no fining, light filter for clarity (5 micron). Bottled February 28, 2012. A total of 310 cases produced.

2011 Uforic Albariño

UFOric is euphonious in your mouth, an easy euphemism for out of this world, the one wine you want when you don't really know what to sip on. Galician in heritage, this undulating, r–rolling grape variety probably originated in Southwestern France, the land of truffles, white beans and geese. In Spain, it's a wine you drink with seafood (or no food). In California, we're not hung up on convention, so feel free to drink it with anything you like, or with nothing at all. Albariño works with food, it works around food, it refreshes the palate as it melds with the edibles. It is the anti–elegiac oeno–antidote to dull, lifeless and stolid. We charge $22 per bottle of this. We may be giving it away, but at least it's for a good cause. You.

2009 Viognier

A simple formula, the ingredients found in any dictionary:
jour·ney [jur-nee]: The act of traveling from one place to another; a trip.
red·o·lent [red-l-uhnt]: Having a pleasant odor; fragrant, suggestive
Con·dri·ue [kon-dree-yu]: Rhône grape-growing village, Viognier’s spiritual home.
Mix them together and what do you get? The 2009 Martian Ranch Viognier.

2009 Grenache Rosé

Yes this is pink wine, but it’s not like the stuff your parents got loose with. If you must know the gory details, this wine is a saignée* made from our 2009 Martian Ranch Grenache. Ripe and fruity, this is not intended to be arty or profound, it’s just made to be drunk with relish. Or desire. Or lusty power. Or whatever you’re doing that benefits from liquid accompaniment (did we mention that rosé is thought to potentially have aphrodisiacal powers, even when it’s not consumed on Valentine’s Day).

2008 Grenache Blanc

The grape genealogy experts (ampelographers, for the pedants in the crowd) believe that Grenache Blanc was a freak of nature, a mutant version of Grenache Noir. There is beauty in the unexpected, as evidenced by this wine.Grenache Blanc is rarely bottled by itself, but is terrific when blended with even small amounts of other wines. For this vintage, we’ve added some Viognier, resulting in a wine that comprised of 85% Grenache Blanc from the Estelle Vineyard and 15% Viognier grown at Camp 4. After fermentation, the wine was aged in a combination of French oak barrels (to give it added silkiness and flavor) and stainless steel tanks (for crisp freshness). The Grenache Blanc component adds acidity and structure to the wine, while the Viognier adds fruit on the palate and a tangible voluptuousness. It’s the best of all worlds.

2009 Grenache

“Plays well with others” can be well said of Grenache. It’s the George Harrison of wine, the third wheel in a vehicle that couldn’t be driven without him. That’s Grenache, the wine whose trip to India had a little more influence on it than it had on the others. All things must pass, but something in the way it swirls, attracts me like no other varietal.

2008 Syrah

Have you ever pondered the difficulty of describing an olive? We all know what they taste like, but how do you translate an olive’s multilayered succulence to someone who’s never actually popped one in their mouth? Syrah creates similar consternation. It’s got so many faces that it might as well have been painted by Picasso. In Australia’s warm weather Barossa Valley, you’d think you were drinking a blend of blackberries and leather but in the cooler Rhône Valley, you’d swear it was about white pepper and savory stuff. Here in Santa Ynez, we get it all, savory and fruity, intense and complex.