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Martian Wine


2014 Mourvèdre

$28/bottle. Hints of game and sweet tobacco on the nose with blackberry, cassis and hints of lavender on the palate. Wow...Meanwhile, when walking in the vineyard one day, it occurred to us that when you move your head side to side, objects in the distance seem to move at a different speed than the objects close up (the Mourvèdre grapes in this case). Webster’s defines this as parallax, the apparent shift in position of an object as seen from two different points. It’s how those pesky astronomers measure distances to the Moon, the Sun and the stars. In other words, Parallax is a giant outer space measuring stick. Luckily Mourvèdre berries are thick skinned. They therefore can withstand the scrutiny of being judged and appraised. And we are confident that our Parallax will one day be the Mourvèdre that all others are measured by. It’s an exciting wine to drink.

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About this Martian Wine

Food Pairing

Chicken & chipotle sausage on sliced baguettes; mushroom & roasted red pepper pasta with feta cheese; white beans with bacon.

Technical Info

175 cases produced.