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Martian Wine


2014 Tempranillo

$35/bottle.  Along with sister-grape Albarino, Tempranillo is the other Spanish grape variety grown at Martian Ranch.  Wet gravel, bay leafe and rose petals with hints of smoke and blueberry.  Dark red fruit flavors surrounded by firm tannins and a long finish.  Enjoy with Portobello mushrooms with carmelized onion confit, spicy chile rellenos or oak-grilled hanger steak with rosemary compound butter. It sounds like something every Tempranillo should aspire to. It achieves it here. Gravitas was one of the Roman virtues. Just ask Caesar and Mark Antony. Along with pietas, dignitas and virtus, gravitas formed the cornerstone of a proper Roman’s expected conduct. Bear in mind, they also came up with the saying In Vino Veritas. Dignity and drinking enough to loosen the old tongue of honesty. A good combination those Romans were on to if you ask us. Our wine is so named because it connotes a certain substance and depth of personality. It’s a wine you’d want to date and marry. Of course, there’s also the other gravity, the force of nature that attracts a body to the center of the earth? Well, that doesn’t sound so bad either.

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About this Martian Wine

Food Pairing

Herb-crusted beef tenderlion; hearty Coq-au-Vin (with some Tempranillo in the savory sauce); spicy chile rellanos.

Technical Info

180 cases produced.