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Martian Wine

Down To Earth

2015 Rosé

Mourvedre, otherwise known as Monastell, is a high quality, heat loving, dark skinned grape known for its structured contribution to blends.  The French have nicknamed it estrangle-chien or "Dog Stranger" due to its fierce tannins. 

Native to Spain, it derives it's name from the latin word for monestary suggesting it was likely first grown by monks.  

Within the Martian Vineyard, the grapes enjoy a long warm growing season and is tended carefully as it is very susceptible to drought.

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About this Martian Wine

Tasting Note

Laying on a picnic blanket with the sun warming your skin, lazily savoring ripe strawberries and melon, while the dogs and children play effortlessly in the grass, without a care in the world.  It's the summer day, you never want to leave.

Food Pairing

Charcuterie & cheese
Nicoise salad
Roasted chicken with herbs de Provence.

Technical Info

Picked early, specifically for Rosé production.
Direct Press, 4 hours on skins
Fermented in stainless steel.
250 cases produced