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2016 Clairette Blanche

Clairette's name, meaning "light-white" might come from the color of the grapes, but more likely from the light white hairs on the underside of the leaves giving them a bright appearance.  Clairette is one of the oldest varieties in France, and was once very popular, but has since declined and is used primarily in blending.

In the Martian Vineyard, Clairette enjoys the long growning season it needs to fully ripen and is pruned heavily to ensure quality, as it can be quite vigorous.  

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About this Martian Wine

Tasting Note

Walking through a farmers' market you're struck by converging aromas of each vendors' stall; balmy white flowers, the fennel across the way nearly jumps off the table, while the faint notes of vanilla waft through the air from the baker at the end of the row.  Despite the complexity and cacophony of it all, it is subtle and makes your soul feel light.

Food Pairing

Lobster with Yuzu butter
Thai seasoned red shimp
Mediterranean style seafood

Technical Info

Fermented in neutral oak
10 months on lees in foudre
92 cases produced