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Our Task Force

Whether it’s blowing up a bridge behind eneny lines or coaxing a vineyard to its full potential and absolute fruition, no one does it alone.  Here at Martian we are teamed with allies from three different nations including France, Austria and California.  Ours is a Joint Task Force which is defined as one established on a geographical area (Los Alamos) when the mission has a specific objective (to make the finest wines the land and vines will yield) and in which those involved come from different service branches.

Martian Associates

  • Larry Finkle

    Larry brings a wealth of expertise to the vineyard management practices at Martian Ranch.  His focus is exclusively on Santa Barbara County, and as a result, he is intimately familiar with the unique macroclimates and soils in the Santa Ynez and Los Alamos valleys.  His crew (including Sal, Fernando & Moises) work year-round at the ranch, from pruning to harvest and beyond.