02.21.13 Martian in San Francisco

I had a great day pouring the 2011 wines at the Revel Wines central coast tasting yesterday.  It was great to meet all the people who are supporting our wines.   I also had the chance to stop by and eat at two great supported of Martian Wines in the bay area Local Mission Eatery  and Camino Restaurant  . If you are in the bay area they are both fantastic restaurants.  I will be pouring the wines tonight at Arliquin Wine Merchant in Hayes Valley, San Francisco.  If you have a chance stop by and say hello.  This is a great wine shop worth checking out if you haven’t already.  I wish we had a more of the wines they carry in the Santa Ynez Valley.

01.23.11 Martian Ranch & Vineyard: Label Assembly Process

07.13.10 Instant Water Bird Sanctuary

After the water diviners used their strange and arcane art to locate a 900 gallon-per-minute ag well, Martian Ranch decided a reservoir was in order. One benefit was that it provided the vineyard with an effective means of frost protection. Permanent overhead sprinklers were installed above all 20 acres of vines. Shooting water into the air to prevent freezing may not seem to make sense at first, but it’s science. Thermodynamics to be precise and the heat of fusion which is given up as water turns to ice. As long as there is a mixture of water and ice on the vines, the temperature of the mixture and the plant tissue below it will remain at 32° F., one critical degree above the point where vine damage would begin. And so digging that, we dug.

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05.03.10 There’s Nothing Ancient About It.

The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79 destroyed some of the best vineyards in Italy. Nearly 2000 years later the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland (pronounced ay-yah-FYAH-plah-yer-kuh-duhl, according to the Associated Press), disrupted air travel across Europe for weeks. The Butterfly Effect was such that hothouse flower growers in Kenya could not export their orchids to Europe and the Kenyan currency was impacted because of it. This currency is known as the shilling which we most closely associate with England. According to Wikipedia: “The word shilling comes from schilling, an accounting term that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times where it was deemed to be the value of a cow in Kent or a sheep elsewhere.” It’s unclear if this is a compliment to the cows in Kent or a slam on its sheep.

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